“One of the most effective and innovative marketing tools of recent times!” ... service labels do more than
sell oil changes...they drive customer loyalty!

The Service Label...One of the most effective marketing tools for your automotive service centre!


Why is it so effective? It’s always there. Unobtrusive yet noticeable, that little reminder sticker serves up a subliminal reminder to the driver every time he gets behind the wheel.

Secondly, it provides a valuable service the customer appreciates.  Customers have a hard time  remembering when they last had an oil change. The oil change label really does help them keep track of
routine maintenance.

By personalizing the oil change label your business stays first and foremost in the mind of your customer, which is #1 for maintaining customer loyalty.


Why Choose our Labels?


Our oil change labels are:
- Adhesive Backed, do not fall off.
- Vinyl, not paper, for an easy clean removal. (time tested)
- easy to write with a regular sharpie or pen.
- printed with EcoSol inks, outdoor durable. (time tested)
- Our labels have a white background so your writing will not fade.
- Our labels are shipped in strips of 2 x 5, handy for writing on.



We can create any type of customized labels that feature your logo and colors.


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